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The Best Acai Bowl - But How?

It all started last month when I had my first Acai Bowl Ever! A life changing event that I have @berrydivine to thank for it all! It was not like your soupy Acai Bowl that I have only been able to find in Prescott, AZ since that first experience. It was a thick consistency with only fresh fruit, organic granola and kept its shape the whole time I was eating it! It had tasted like nothing I have had on this planet. Instantly I said to myself, I need this in my life!


My Name is Josiah Schulze and I own a local Coffee Shop in Prescott, AZ called Third Shot Coffee. We serve 100% organically grown and roasted coffee, in a beautiful shop just outside of the Gateway Mall. After that first taste I went on a mission to serve the same quality Acai ! Turns out the owner of Berry Divine is one friendly SOB (Todd) and met me at my shop to discuss what he could do for us. The next week I had my own Acai Soft Serve machine up and running and producing the same quality Acai Bowls as Berry Divine (who in my opinion is the leading Acai Bowl Shop in the nation and believe me, one bite and you will agree).

Please follow along as we continue our journey into providing Prescott, AZ with the highest quality Coffee, Breakfast and Acai Bowls it has ever seen. If you get the chance please come visit! 3106 Gateway Blvd, Prescott, AZ 86303

Instagram: @thirdshotcoffee
Facebook : @thirdshotcoffee

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